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The ViewModel Generator is designed to work with Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2010. It uses an XML file (defined by the ViewModelOptions.xsd) to drive a ViewModel code generation process. The resulting code is designed to be used with the Composite Application Guidance (October 2009 release). It uses an Entity Framework (EDMX file) as the basis for the ViewModel in a Model-View-ViewModel pattern.
This was inspired by a real world problem then cropped up during development. It involved a large application with a substatial data model. One the tables had an excess of eighty columns. Each of those values had to be manually mapped to a ViewModel so that a property change would raise a corresponding notification in the View. The relationship between the View and ViewModel became increasingly fragile in direct proportion to the number of properties. The relationship would break any time there was a change in a field name or field type. And since we were in the early stages of development, this happened rather frequently.

Getting Started

If you have just downloaded the ViewModelGenerator.msi and want to get up and running quickly, please see the Quick Start Guide.

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